We are passionate creators of video and photography content for

Pocket Creatives is built on 15 years of experience in the visual and creative industries. Run by co-owners Steven, Haider and Lauren, we epitomise the blend of youth and experience. We love producing great video and photography, and we like to think that it shows in the work we deliver.

So why
with us?

What matters

We rate creativity and quality of service incredibly highly. It’s always our aim to create the best quality of work while building professional relationships and earning trust.

We’re consultative

Our consultation process is easy and within a few short questions, we can understand more about what you’re looking for and how we can best provide our services. We own all of our own equipment from camera kits to edit systems so we’re able to provide the full creative service conveniently and easily.

We’re affordable

Every client has different spending power.  Photography and video should be for everyone, living in an increasingly visual word, there’s a greater reliance than ever on communicating through imagery. We’ll work with you to help manage your budget in an honest and transparent way. Very often we can make a modest pot go further than you’d think!

For the many

We’re privileged to have built this company through working with both small businesses and startups through to some of the largest companies in the UK, it’s our goal to stay competitive and offer a service that’s tailored to fit YOU.

We understand urgency!

We know how important it is for you to have it done yesterday and capitalise on the now. Getting your material in front of your audience at the right time is so important, particularly in today’s trend and time-driven world.

We’re flexible, adaptable and versatile

We’re multi-sector experienced and unashamedly diverse. We’ve chosen to remain flexible so that we can respond and rise to different challenges.

While our main areas of expertise are in food & drink, beauty, products and people, our skills allow us to work across fashion, jewellery, events and conferences. Experience in one area helps to cross-pollinate new skills that are relevant to other markets.

We want to help you stand out

Our visuals say more, louder, and travel further. We want to stay true to the saying that an image is worth a thousand words… and counting!

There’s a time and a place for product images isolated against white backgrounds, and we offer those as well. But to get the best from us, we want to make use of locations, props, styling, and models as they all help to tell your story for a greater visual impact.

We always put our clients first

You’re more important to us than anything.

We wouldn’t exist without you, we know that, and we’ll do our very best to make sure that you’re always happy and you want to work with us time and again.

We champion young talent

Fresh ideas, energy and drive, and a sense of ownership and responsibility, guided by experience… at your disposal.


Here are the names and faces you’re likely to see most often, and we also have a wider family of talented camera operators, photographers, voice over artists and designers available when we need them.

Steven Mayatt

Creative Director

Haider Romero Perez

Creative Director

Lauren Hodge

Production Director

Nick Blair Pocket Creatives Videographer
Nick Blair

Camera Operator

Karolina Majka at Pocket Creatives
Karolina Majka


Tony Hulse Pocket Creatives Photographer
Tony Hulse


Cameron Whiting


Billy Stephens



We are happy to publish our internal values for the world to see, as this gives you an overview of how we conduct ourslves and our business.

Quality of Product

Why is this important to us?
You should expect a professional level of visual quality and craft from the work that we deliver. The quality of what we create is as important to us as it is to you, and we want to be continually proud of the end results.

How are we going to achieve it?
We will achieve this by being aware of how technology and techniques in our industry can directly shape an individual project; by choosing the right equipment and approach to fit the brief; and monitoring accuracy through internal quality control procedures and retrospective project reviews.

Kind, Mindful and Ethical

Why is this important to us?
Creating great working relationships not only makes every day more enjoyable, but helps us all to create better end products. We measure the success of a project not only in the results but in the way we conduct ourselves throughout a project’s lifecycle.

How are we going to achieve it?
We aspire to create an environment and culture where our clients know they can have open and honest conversations about their projects. Whether bouncing around ideas or talking numbers, by phone, email or over a coffee.  Always treating clients, suppliers, contributors and each other with respect and ensure that we build genuine trustworthiness at every stage.

Bold, Brave and Imaginative

Why is this important to us?
We want to help you surpass expectations and achieve more than simply keeping up with your competition. Your visuals have to work harder and be more effective than ever to positively impact your audience.

How are we going to achieve it?
We want to help you stand out rather than blend in, using the versatility and strengths that video and photography have to offer in expressing the vision of your company, service or products. We’ll explore different approaches in communicating your brand’s individuality and purpose, whilst understanding your audience to know how best to reach and affect them.

Quality of Service

Why is this important to us?
We know that how we behave, speak and interact is important in building and maintaining the perfect working relationship. We want you to enjoy working with us, trust in what we deliver, and value the benefits in a long term relationship.

How are we going to achieve it?
Friendly and reliable communication is at the heart of why our clients come to us, and keep coming back. We’re always “on” and provide multiple ways to be reachable – you don’t finish your day at 5pm, and neither do we. We do our best to accommodate last minute requests, delivering to tight schedules and in challenging conditions.

Being Human

Why is this important to us?
Our customers are “people first, clients second”.

How are we going to achieve it?
We demonstrate understanding and empathy in your processes as well as ours, as you’re juggling multiple tasks and challenges outside of what we are working on together. You are project managers, business owners, parents, and often have two jobs at once. Where we can tailor our approach to you personally, we will.



We have worked with a huge variety of clients in our short history, from crowdfunders and startups through to more established names and large businesses. We love that mix, and being entrusted with the visuals for clients of any size is extremely satisfying.

We work with our clients directly, and we’re also able to provide our services to agencies and other creative companies who don’t have video or photo capabilities in house.

We’re very proud to have worked with River Group, Tesco, Philips, Co-Op, Holland and Barrett, Costa Coffee and James Read Tan and many more emerging names that you’ll come to know very soon.



Pocket Creatives launched in the winter of 2017, formed as a limited company following the team working under the name of Steven Mayatt Creative since 2015. Pocket is the next step in our evolution.

Steven’s professional history started in broadcasting, supporting mainstream television programmes such as BBC’s Watchdog, Crimewatch and Horizon and leading a 10-person team running 24/7 to make this happen.

But production was always the passion, and he burnt all the hours in the day running a small, innovative corporate video production company alongside called Screensaver which could boast clients such as Tower Bridge, the Museum of London and the National Portrait Gallery. This paved the way to progress full time into the production world and merged into Tailwind Media into 2010.

For 6 years, Steven oversaw the production team, making impressive in-roads into the UK corporate video market, working with some of the country’s biggest names. Highlights would include a huge campaign for Arcadia; helping to update the internal communications video magazine for electronics giant Philips, working with pop star Olly Murs for the Pringles 25th birthday online adverts, and overseeing a multitude of projects for Tesco, Currys PC World and Groupon to name just a few.

2015 saw the creation of SMC, after Steven wanted to take a different direction, by adding photography to his offering. Haider Romero Perez and Lauren Hodge were invited to join, bringing a wealth of skill, enthusiasm, and drive and within 2 years have become co-owners of the newly incorporated Pocket Creatives.

“SMC provided a wonderful opportunity to meet new business owners and establish ourselves in new markets, offering new services and building a friendly and creative business where we’re building long-term working relationships with our clients. Pocket Creatives couldn’t have been launched without the faith and trust shown in us by our clients, and we look forward to growing alongside them over the years to come.”

Steven has consistently delivered high quality, interesting photographs for multiple story-telling/people centred projects. He instinctively knows how to keep an audience engaged through a series of images that really tell a story.

He goes out of his way to get to grips with the brief and is professional, reliable and friendly. But more importantly, he has the vision to get the most out of every opportunity - whether it's an unexpected environment or a straight forward corporate head-shot.

I don't hesitate in recommending him and hope to continue to work with him in the future.

Philips Transparent
Dominique Mallion Philips

As a start-up business who have a strong emphasis on our brand, top quality is vital, but so is affordability - they ticks these boxes, adding further value through their excellent ability to support our on-going social media strategy.

Above all, successful working relationships are built on trust, commitment, passion and flexibility, Steven demonstrates these key components across everything that he does.

Saucy Affair
Tanya Robertson The Dressquerade Company

Steven and his team are fantastic. They have worked with us and our members on a number of filming and photography projects.
They’re professional, thorough and deliver exceptional results.

Will Beresford FoodStars UK

The Pocket Creative team really helped us achieve our vision and worked solidly and enthusiastically throughout the day. We had ideas of what we wanted, and Steven used his expertise to make that happen. An absolute delight to work with and would highly recommend.

Steven and his team understood what our brand was about from the very beginning, offering creative input that projected our own ideas even further. Thrilled with the photos and they have transformed our brand imagery.

Tanya Shah Urban Veda

Steven and his team were very patient with my little superstars! My cats are photographed every day by customers and it can be very tricky to get them looking at the camera, as the usual sounds, clicks and toys don't work for them like other cats - they've seen every trick in the book! The only way to get a really great shot of my guys is to have a bond with them, and for them to trust you. Steven put in extra days to put the cats at ease and make sure he got the perfect photos, and we're really delighted with the results: cheeky Alice, smug Donnie and wide-eyed Wookie. They're all there, being themselves and looking fabulous!

Lauren Nixon Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe