Going with the grain

We’ve proudly supported startups and emerging businesses for as long as we’ve been one ourselves, and we’ve had great success with our lean approach to creating high quality, yet affordable and effective crowdfunding videos together. This one is no exception.

We’ve built up a relationship with many small food brands and seen them flourish, and when founder Tara came to us around a year ago, her business seemed to fit a much-needed market niche. Like many companies who are crowdfunding, a sense of innovation and a desire to solve problems is very common and Good Grain Bakery caters for the vegans, those with various food intolerances such as gluten, as well as those just wanting a clean label and tasty bread. This market is growing, and from the reactions of their current customers, they’re providing a service that is very much needed and appreciated.

Our aim for all our crowdfunding videos is quite simple – telling the story, breeding confidence in the brand and the people within it, and exciting viewers. Whilst there are various ways of doing this, we frequently recommend leading from the front and building around those leading the business as well as making sure the products or services stand loud and proud. We pushed for Tara’s own voice rather than a pro voice over for authenticity, and captured all of the content in as little as a day and a half. With a small tweak we’ve also been able to adjust this to become the bakery’s first brand film.

Tara Taylor has this to say: “I can’t begin to tell you how engaging and amazing having a company promo video is. I was a little tired of repeating the same pitch today so I decided to play our new video instead. It was the best approach so far so if anyone is looking for a brand promo or crowdfunding vid, I highly recommend Steven Mayatt and his team at Pocket Creatives.”

Take a look for yourselves, Good Grain Bakery are crowdfunding until the middle of September – see the campaign here.

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