Niki Vaghela

Meet Niki

Niki has been an avid observer, learner and general information sponge and has rapidly become part of our little production family. He can always be relied upon to help with anything and everything, accompanied by a smile and a laugh.

Niki is in training to help behind the scenes with both our photography and video projects.

What do you do in your role?

I help with post-processing, some sales and marketing (which I actually don’t mind doing as it helps bring some new work into the company!) and setting up equipment on shoots.

What do you actually do?

Anything that I’m asked to do! I’m usually the first person asked to help set up things, from raising lighting stands to holding flash guns and learning about the settings and how to shoot. I’ve also been roped into being an extra more times than I’d like, my last claim to fame was being in our promo video for Librium Games!

What do your team think you do?

Help Steve drink coffee all day and buy people lunch! I’ve managed to stay off the coffee myself so far, but have ventured to a hot chocolate in the mornings – I’m getting into bad habits already!

Most embarrassing story?

I managed to puncture our folding softbox! It’s not a noise I’ll forget in a hurry! Thankfully we got around it, and I’m now even more careful than usual when I’m building anything!


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