Pancake Day

Pancake Day (in a very Pocket kinda way)

A great excuse to create seasonal content

As a team, we get asked to produce seasonal content in both video and photography throughout the year, and after the red hearts of Valentines fade away, Pancake Day is the next item on the calendar.

We’ve captured many pancake flips and syrup drizzles for our client’s video food recipe projects, but never just for us. So this year for Pancake Day we’re treating ourselves, and are using the opportunity for testing some new techniques. With our extensive knowledge of how to make food look great through the lens, we’re putting our Panasonic S1H camera through it’s paces – which has some incredible slow-motion capabilities. Working to our own video production brief, we were able to play with some quirky and creative ideas.

We spent a day in February making, shooting and eating (only a couple!) of pancakes. Our plan was to create as many big, mouth-watering and delicious shots as we could of the sweet treat, in order to create one perfect Pancake Day video for our social channels. Our concept was to illustrate three different ways you could have your pancakes, to try and appeal to different taste buds.

Pancake Day
Pancake Day
Pancake Day

This meant we could have a lot of fun playing with different textures and shapes of ingredients. Dropping blueberries, placing bananas and layering of spreads all need slightly different filming approaches to be captured correctly for video production. Luckily for us, our Technical Director Haider knows exactly what to do technically to achieve what we wanted. Food video production is all about getting the right angles and perspectives to work together with the right lighting to make the food look appealing, so finding a harmony between these elements is paramount to the overall visual success of the video. That left Lauren and I to execute every pancake toss and ingredient drop, which is not as easy as it looks!

Pancake Day
Pancake Day
Pancake Day

As is often the way when shooting for video, some of our ideas were harder to execute than others in reality, but with some out-of-the-box thinking and last minute troubleshooting we captured some cool footage. Part of our challenge was shooting in a confined space. As we’re commonly asked to shoot in client homes, offices and restaurant spaces, a few DIY tricks were necessary to fill in the gaps we were missing.

For instance, blu tack is always a friend to us, but this time we were using it to stick a bicycle light to the wall behind our pancakes, doubling-up to create a backlight! This made the pancakes look really dramatic and epic. Although doing things like this take time to get right, it really tests our creativity, which is great training for us when we constantly have to think creatively and quickly on busy shoots.

I think it’s really important to shoot video content just for us sometimes. We get so busy creating for strict video production and photography briefs it’s very easy to forget we’re in this business because we love creating freely, which comes across very strongly in the pancake video we ended up with. There’s no batter way to spend a day!

Happy Pancake Day!

Bryony Porter-Collard, Producer

Bryony Porter-Collard of Pocket Creatives

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