Steven Mayatt

Meet Steven

Steven delicately balances the company’s business mangement with more creative responsibilities as photographer and producing and directing on numerous video projects.

Steven’s experience across both technical, creative, marketing and business brings a huge amount of flexible knowledge to the team.

What do you do in your role?

In my role, I wear many hats (and hold many cameras!) – when i’m shooting, I have to be dedicated to the shoot that day either as a producer/director for video, or through the lens as a photographer. When i’m not shooting, I manage the business, from the marketing to the finances, and the boring bits like insurance, process and policies. I never thought i’d say it, but i’ve grown to enjoy the boring bits more and more as our business has grown! That’s a sign i’m getting old, maybe?

Where are my slippers….

What do you actually do?

I find that most of the time i’m locked to my emails and drinking coffee! I like to think that I manage our business relationships well, which means that I have to stay in regular contact with both current and prospective active clients. It might look like i’m playing Football Manager on my phone in between times. I’m really not (unless you catch me!).

Otherwise, most of my waking hours are spent thinking about how to make this company better, more efficient and more successful.

What do your team think you do?

Hmm – i’m convinced they think I spend all day writing lists, crossing things off my lists, adding more things, forgetting that i’ve already done something… and that the coffee may or may not help me to achieve this 🙂

Oh, and they think I include too many emoji’s too.

It’s true. I do 🙂 😉

Most embarrassing story?

There are far too many of these. Probably the most memorable was in the early part of my career when I added subtitles to a video and insisted it was so that blind people could now understand what was going on. It’s the pinnacle of stupid when you think about it, but I was so smug and convinced that I was doing good. Until a blind man asked me what was going on.

Steven Mayatt at Pocket Creatives
Steven Mayatt at Pocket Creatives
Steven Mayatt at Pocket Creatives

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