Video production and creative content:

Our video production services are easy to commission, whether you’re a seasoned pro or if you’re trying to accommodate video for the first time. We spend time understanding your requirements: looking first at what your video needs to achieve and how it’s going to be used.

We’ll advise how to spend the budget that’s available to you and do our best to squeeze every pixel of value out of it.

It’s all about partnership, you see ­čÖé

As a team, we’re adept at video for promoting brands, producing content for social media, hero videos for crowdfunding campaigns, event coverage, internal communications and for social advertising. Our flexibility and experience┬ámeans that we can adapt ourselves to any challenge.

We now offer 4k capture as standard.

Take a

How it works

We’ve tried to make the commissioning process as easy and as digestible as possible. We’ll discuss your brief in detail to allow us to understand the full scope of what you’re trying to achieve, and we can either quote from the ground-up or work to a pre-set budget. We know everyone will have different spending requirements and limitations, and we do our best to accommodate.

Once we know what we need to deliver, we’ll finalise the creative approach, organise the dates and capture your footage. The edit process almost always takes longer than production, and we’ll deliver digital online viewing copies in the run-up to sign-off, with changes allowed before final delivery.

The beauty of working with video is the options available, and we can usually scale up or down to find the best quality and budget fit.

Technically speaking

In case you wanted to know, we shoot using the latest Sony cameras, from the A7s series. They use some of the latest imaging technology, meaning that they produce exceptional images and respond better than most in challenging lighting conditions. We couple these up with our range of fast lenses to make the best of the full frame sensor.

In addition, this year, we have upgraded clients to work with RED, Blackmagic, Canon C Series and Mavo cameras. These have enabled capture up to 6K with greater detail and higher impact slow motion capabilities.

As standard, we come with sound and lighting, and a number of creative options such as slider movements, gimbals, GoPros and more can be added on.

We capture 4K as standard, which offers great quality and flexibility.

The whole package

Outside of our standard in-house kit, we have access to all of the extras that more complex projects might require:


Voice over



Hair & Make-Up Artists

Graphic Designers

PR and Social Media Specialists


Food Stylists