Who likes marshmallows?!

Marshallows…. What’s not to like, right? Well, when the time came, we jumped at the opportunity to do a food photography shoot with Belinda Clark’s marshmallows in all their fluffy and bouncy sweetness.

Belinda was looking for a range of product and lifestyle imagery to reflect her full range, with an amount of those tailored to the upcoming London Coffee Festival. So – we opted to start the shoot at the nearby Winchester Coffee Roaster, who have a wonderful little coffee shop and roasting space in the town. We progressed to capture the product shots, dramatically lit, both top-down, angled and in macro.

Every food photographer will tell you that lighting is especially important when photographing food, and these give a great demonstration why. We used flashes to create artificial window light to fire from the side, and we’ve filled in some shadows on the opposite side to remove some of the deeper shadows. We did want to retain some shadows, however, to ensure that the 3D nature of the cub shapes were still obvious. We’ve also chosen angles that focus your attention and supported the marshmallows with styling to reflect their key colours and ingredients.

Belinda had this to say: “I have worked with a few photography companies and Pocket Creatives were the best – real care was taken to get the best shots, the team were super friendly and helpful and they offer excellent value for money. I can’t believe how quickly I got the shots through either!”.

You can see some of the finished food photography shots above, and a video we created behind the scenes.

Did we mention we got to take away some freebies?… 😉

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